15 Things to know before you go to Mexico for Surgery

In the last years, the medical tourism industry in Mexico has been growing as people travel to Mexican border towns for surgeries and treatments.

Baja Surgery Center is the only surgery center in Los Algodones, a city whose popularity has grown thanks to the wired variety of top quality medical and dental treatments offer to tourists from all around the world.

When it comes to a patient’s health, traveling to another country to receive any medical treatment can be scary and nerve-racking.

We want to help make things easier for our patients. Therefore, we want to share a list of factors to have in mind before deciding and go to Mexico for surgery. Hopefully, it would be very helpful

  1. Plan ahead

    The first step when thinking of getting surgery in Mexico is to do deep research.

    Once you’ve chosen Mexico for a medical procedure, read as much as necessary about the tourist spots, weather, and the food.

    Read about the medical services, the different clinics, and doctors. As a potential patient and traveler, it is important to take the time to research before choosing a medical facility, procedure and the doctors suitable for your budget and overall health.

  2. Prepare your passport

    This is a very common question among medical tourists that are looking to their first trip to Mexico. Permanent Residents from US and Canada do not need a visitor visa to enter Mexico as a tourist, as long as they can provide proof of their residence and do not pass the maximum period of time (6 months).

    Travelers who want to stay in the country for a period of up to 180 days of visit it is necessary a visitor visa.

    There is no need to worry for the return as the only thing necessary to enter back to the US or Canada is a passport. Is important to check before the trip that is not expired.

  3. Communication

    Traveling to another country might make us uncomfortable if we do not are familiar with the language.

    When visiting Mexico for surgery it is essential to be able to communicate with the people at the clinic and the doctors. Patients need to be able to express all of their doubts and questions they may have before the procedure.

    Make sure the surgery center of your choice counts with bilingual staff and doctors prepared to answer all of your questions.

  4. Bring the necessary documents

    Besides bringing a passport, it is important for possible patients to keep important information such as medical records, prescriptions, or contact information handy during your medical trip.

  5. Currency at your destination

    Before traveling outside of the country, one of the things that people think it’s hard to get used to this country’s currency.

    Some cities in Mexico, due to the high amount of visitors has USA currency such as Los Algodones. In this city, next to the border with Yuma, AZ you won’t be worrying about exchanging dollars.

  6. Different Specialties

    Surgeons in Mexico are often known for their talent in specific areas of surgery. It is important to ask the surgeon about their qualifications and credentials of who is going to be performing the procedure.

    When searching for the right clinic, make sure that the doctors are board-certified surgeons and ask for licenses.

    Also, ask about the procedures they perform and their experience as doctors.

  7. Bring some spare money

    When traveling for medical tourism, is very likely that you’ll save a couple of dollars from the surgery compared to US or Canada costs. Although is more affordable, we recommend patients to always be prepared and have a tight budget for the essentials on the trip.

    When visiting Mexico, you’ll want to have some cute souvenirs of the visited places during your stay.

  8. Lower costs

    Many patients choose surgery in Mexico because of the lower costs of surgery in the country.

    Compared to US prices, patients can save considerably on surgical procedures. We know that many times, lower prices mean lower quality, but not in this case. Surgery in Mexico is more accessible as labor costs are lower, due to this all the involving costs are lower too.

  9. Quality

    Facilities in Mexico often have access to innovative treatments and top equipment as well as the United States.

    There are as clean, count with the resources and follow every safety standard, prepared for any emergency and to give the patients great care.

    It’s all about the research before choosing a facility, seeing pictures of the facilities can help patients to get a better idea of the quality of the surgery center.

  10. Talented Doctors

    We already mentioned that doctors in Mexico count with different specialties and licenses that make them qualified to perform almost any procedure.

    Doctors in Mexico are often trained in other countries in English-speaking medical schools and residency programs.

    Plus, let’s not forget about their bilingual skills!

  11. Accommodation

    Being comfortable after surgery is the main thing for many patients.

    Mexico’s hotels are all about great service and making patients feel like home.

    In Los Algodones, two of the best hotels in town Cielito Lindo and Hacienda Los Algodones, count with all the accommodations and attentive staff to ensure a great peaceful recovery.

  12. Mini Vacations

    Plan your trip before having a procedure in Mexico, so that you can have spare time to rest and get to know the city.

    Give you a few days to rest before going back home. Not only will this give you time to fully recover, you still will get time to be a tourist and try new things in a different country.

    Visiting Mexico should not be only about undergoing a procedure, patients should be able to enjoy all the activities to do in this beautiful country.

  13. Bring a companion

    It is always our recommendation to bring along a companion when patients have surgery in a foreign country. Bringing a companion provide patients peace of mind and make the trip less stressful.

    For the patient's comfort, bringing someone who knows your preferences and your medical history is a great idea!

  14. Confirm all the services

    Before living home, confirm that all of your appointments have been made correctly such as the lodging, shuttle service, and surgery center.

    Also, it’s better if you print the confirmation of all the services. This way, you’ll feel confident before arriving at the destination.

  15. Choose the right place for surgery in Mexico

    Los Algodones, Mexico is a little town located west of Yuma, Arizona. It is worldwide known as Molar City, because of the large number of dentists attending Americans' dental needs.

    Baja Surgery Center is the only surgery center in town. A modern facility that offers preventive surgical care, focusing on same-day procedures in plastic surgery, general, maxillofacial, orthopedics, otorhinolaryngology, aesthetic medicine, and more.

    Baja Surgery Center

    All of the practices performed at our ambulatory surgery center are done by qualified doctors and follow every safety standard.

    We count with a great team of doctors who are board-certified in different specialties ensuring the years of training and experience.

    Our doctors are under continuous preparations by attending seminars and courses all around the world, we are sure you’re in the safest hands of professionals.

    Bilingual Team

    Baja Surgery Center

    We already mentioned the importance of being able to communicate with the surgeon of your choice, before and after the treatment.

    Our team of doctors and staff are all bilingual, patients won’t have any problem before, during and until the end of their medical journey.

    At our surgery center, you can find flyers and brochures with information about the different treatments, prices, post-carement care, and more, all written in English.

    Certifications and licenses are important but are as important that the clinic you visit is well-equipped.

    Our goal is to always offer patients access to innovative treatments and technological advances keeping us on the cut edge of surgical procedures.

    The best surgery clinic should be open to sharing with patients about the sanitary protocol and the type of equipment they used.

    At Baja Surgery Center, we are all about patients’ safety and comfort.

    Instruments and materials are prepared, washed, and then sterilized for 45 minutes, before and after every procedure.

    Before any procedure, the doctor follows a completely checked up of the patient health to ensure the person is a candidate and that is in a good health state.

    Follow up care depends on the procedure.

    We always give patients directions on aftercare as well as recommendations for follow-up care at home, before patients are discharged from our ambulatory center.

    Our specialties

    You’ll be able to find a wide variety of procedures including:

    1. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    2. Orthopedic Surgery
    3. Maxillofacial Surgery
    4. General Surgery
    5. Otorhinolaryngology Surgery
    6. Urologic Surgery
    7. Aesthetic Medicine
    8. Hair Transplant (FUE Technique)

    The Complete Medical Experience

    Los Algodones is the perfect place to have a great mini-vacation while improving your overall health and well-being.

    Mediplaza it’s conveniently located just two blocks away from the border with Yuma, Az. At Mediplaza, you’ll be able to find the best medical treatments in the city.

    Offering medical tourists dental, surgery, stem cells, hyperbaric, lodging, and optical services.

    Thanks to all the services already mentioned, plus a full pharmacy, an anti-aging spa, the medical offer for our patients has expanded.

    Cielito Lindo Hotel is located at Mediplaza, right next to our surgery center.

    Baja Surgery Center is the first ambulatory center in town. As is ambulatory, the patient can return home on the same day as the surgery and continue home with their recovery process.

    We still recommend patients to stay at least the night in the city after the procedure just to ensure their safety if any complications occurred.

    Cielito Lindo Hotel counts with all the accommodations and great staff in order to patients spend a restful night.

    Our Patients Say

    The quality of the care was exceptional! Doctors, nurses, and Patricia, the receptionist were excellent. The facility was very professional and clean. A great first impression...
    Carla and Jesus are excellent nurses for both the post-surgery night and the follow-up care. They are conscientious, professional and give a patient the confidence that they are getting excellent care

    Cynthia Kerr, Canada - March 10th, 2018

    Are you interested in knowing more about our procedures, prices, or any other information about the city? Are you ready to get a procedure in Mexico? Call us!

    We are pretty sure that with the above list of 15 Things to know before you go to Mexico for Surgery we provide you with some useful information, Our team of patients’ coordinators is ready to answer any question, give you recommendations, and guide you through all your medical experience, since the beginning to the end.

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