Does Thigh Lift Surgery Work

Your last year’s resolution was to lose a lot of weight to achieve that body that you were looking for; you started eating healthier, sleeping better, exercising, and, overall, you adopted healthy habits that became part of your daily life. We’d love to congratulate you for taking up a healthier lifestyle that will surely improve your day-to-day life.

            However, it is important to note that, after losing a considerable amount of weight, an excess of skin could make itself present. It’s normal for this to happen as a lot of fat has been eliminated.

            The most common places in which excessive skin makes itself present are on the arms, chest, the abdominal and lower back area, and the legs. If you’d like to get rid of the excess skin on your thighs, we’d like to advise you to opt for inner thigh lift surgery.

            You might be wondering what inner thigh lift surgery is, and we’d love to help you find an answer to your question.

Thigh lift surgery: What is it?

         A thighplasty, mostly referred to as thigh lift surgery, is a plastic surgery procedure; its main purpose is to eliminate excess skin and fat from the thighs and reshape them after the patient has lost too much weight.

         Most people that decide to get this surgery want to feel comfortable, and it is understandable, as loose skin could be the reason why they might feel uncomfortable about wearing shorts, dresses, swimsuits, etc.

            Each patient has a set of needs that they’d like to meet; that’s why there are different types of thigh lift surgeries that suit any patient’s needs. Let us guide you through them and explain them to you a little bit:

The different types of thigh lift surgeries:

            There are different types of thigh lift surgeries, which are:

  • ·         Inner thigh lift surgery, also known as a medial thigh lift, is the most common form of thigh lift. It treats and fixes sagging skin within your inner thighs by making an incision that goes from your groin down to your knee.
  • ·         An outer thigh lift, also known as a bilateral thigh lift, addresses the excessive, sagging skin on the outside portions of your thighs.
  • ·         Lift with liposuction, which consists of having excess fat cells on your thighs removed to prevent sagging skin.
  • ·         Mini thigh lift, which consists of reducing the sagging in the upper part of your inner thigh instead of tightening it in its entirety.
  • ·         A spiral thigh lift, which is the newest type of thigh lift surgery, and aims to tighten and lift the whole thigh altogether.


Keep in mind that you should let your doctor know about the expectations that you’ve got and what you would like to achieve with the operation. That way, your doctor will tell you what option is the best for you.

What to expect of the procedure:

         The experience may vary from patient to patient and doctor to doctor, but these are the most common steps taken during this procedure:

·         First of all, your doctor will give you a list of exams and diagnoses that you should get done before setting a date for the operation. These tests serve as a way for your doctor to see if you’ve got any issues, diseases, or conditions that she or he should be aware of;

·         Your doctor will ask you to stop taking certain medications before being operated on to prevent any further complications that could come up during or after the operation;

·         You’ll be put under the effects of general anesthesia during the procedure to prevent you from feeling any pain;

·         Your doctor will make the right set of incisions depending on what your preferred method was;

·         Excess skin and fat cells will be removed before closing the wounds up.

The entire procedure could take up hours to complete depending on the doctor, but it is important to be aware that you could spend a whole day if you add the time you spend getting prepared for the operation and being observed and checked on by doctors after the operation.

Taking care after the operation

            Just like with most operations of this type, your doctor will place bandages and dressings against the incision, as well as insert a tube that will drain the excess fluids and blood of that area.

            Remember to take a lot of care of your scars to prevent infections or have them open up again. Also, don’t try to remove the incisions and tube by yourself; you should have your doctor do it for you.

         Due to the invasive surgery of this surgery, you should take some time off from your daily activities to rest and prevent any complications and issues.

            Don’t go back to exercising or working as soon as you’re back home from the operation; you should refrain from doing any harsh physical activities for at least 6-8 weeks after being operated on.

            It’s normal to experience some pain, to have the area swell, and for bruises to show up after the operation.

When will I see the results?

            You might notice a few results right away after the operation, but it could take some time for great changes to appear. Patience is key when it comes to this type of surgery.

            You’ll have to rest for quite some time before taking up your daily activities back, but it is recommended for you to start with light physical activity after a few days so you can go back to your everyday life little by little. It is also normal for scars to appear after healing from the operation.

Your best option for a thigh lift surgery:

         We understand that a procedure of this type can feel intimidating as it involves making a decision that will change your looks and how you feel about a certain part of your body; it’s normal to feel scared, but we can assure you that there’s nothing to worry about.

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