Hair Transplant In Los Algodones: The Solution For Hair Loss

Did you know that by the age of fifty approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair? If you start seeing bald patches or lots of thinning and that’s making you feel insecure and uncomfortable you don’t need to worry anymore.

A hair transplant can be the solution to your hair loss with natural looking results for a thick, healthy head that will make you look and feel younger.

Nowadays there are many ways to increase the quantity of hair but the most effective way is having a Transplant by Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Let’s read about it!

This method consists of removing single follicles from the donor area from the back or the side of the scalp with a specialized cutting tool and then replanting the single follicles back into the scalp in the balding recipient areas.

You don’t need to wait to start seeing large balding areas, if you’re suffering from this condition a Hair Transplant in Los Algodones is the best option for you.

We want to make sure you have all the information to make this decision because the more you know, the better off you’ll be.

Hair Loss is primarily caused by: • Aging • Change in hormones • Genetics conditions in your family history.

While there are many possible reasons people lose their hair, most people blamed it on heredity and aging. A certain way that you can determine what is causing it is to consult a doctor or specialist.

What You Need to Know About Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant surgery is a procedure used to treat hair loss in which a plastic surgeon moves hair you already have to fill an area with thin or no hair.

Like we mentioned before, it usually involves taking hair from the back or side of the head to the front or top of the head.

The follicles then grow strong and healthy hairs in the previously bald area.

When talking about FUE transplantation, it is generally pursued male pattern baldness. This is a genetic condition that results in balding of the crown, frontal hairline and temple points.

This is the area that frames the face and makes the most radical change on someone’s face.

The goal of this procedure is to extract a graft as intact as possible for better results and also for a great recovery.

Benefits of having this surgery

1. Local anesthesia is used, you don’t need to worry about the pain during and after the surgery. 2. Because of the strategically placed of the follicular grafts, it allows a growing strong with natural looking results 3. Ensures a natural hairline. 4. Invisible linear scars or stitches, even if you have short hair. 5. Graft Preparation is minimal. 6. Low risk of complications after the surgery. 7. Helps to restore the balding receding and thinning hair. 8. Fast Recovery. It usually takes one or two days before patients continue with their day 9. Will improve your appearance and self-confidence. Say goodbye to your insecurities!

If you’re a candidate for this procedure you might want to keep in mind that the donor area must be shaved.

As local anesthesia is used, you should be able to continue immediately with your normal lifestyle rhythm. Without any scars of evidence of you having surgery.

Is this treatment suitable for you?

• Have hair left to transplant, the more they have the better will be the result. • Have the scalp flexible, is better. • Do not have any disease or alopecia. • Have lost their hair due to trauma, burns and cosmetic procedures such as facelifts. • Minimal post-operative discomfort.

Care after the transplant surgery

After having the transplant surgery with the FUE technique you must take care of healing will ensure optimal recovery, the growth of transplanted hair. We recommend to:

1. Do not touch or rub the transplant area during the first 8-10 days because the follicles after surgery, you must rest, take medication as prescribed and hydrate the transplant area. At the time to sleep, we recommend to use a travel pillow and sleep on an elevated position at a 45-degree angle. You can’t drink alcohol, take aspirins or any type of anticoagulant.

Do not apply Minoxidil in the first month. You can use a loose-fitting hat at the time of going out of the clinic and it doesn’t have to touch the transplant area.

2. The first day after surgery: you will not have any discomfort, some scabs will appear in each follicular unit graft. As the same day after surgery take medication as prescribed and hydrate the transplant area.

Now you can clean the donor area with water and soap. Also, you must keep sleeping face up to do not damage the transplant follicles, you can’t drink alcohol, take aspirins or any type of anticoagulant.

Do not apply Minoxidil. Only in the transplanted area, you must apply a sterile saltwater solution, thermal water or physiological saline solution.

On the first days after surgery, you will notice that, because of anesthesia, you may have a swollen forefront (including eyes and cheeks).

You should not worry, it will disappear but you can help to do massages on the forefront, putting some ice.

3. The second and third day after surgery: the same as the first day keep sleeping face up, do not drink alcohol, take aspirins or any anticoagulant. Also keep hydrating the transplanted area apply a sterile saltwater solution, thermal water or physiological saline solution.

You can clean the donor site with soap, this zone heals quickly and it doesn’t need some special care.

4. The fourth day after surgery: you will be able to wash your hair gently without applying water directly with Ph neutral soap. Remember that you can’t rub the transplanted zone and you can touch it very gently.

These first days you will see that some little scabs appeared on both sites; donor and transplanted area, those scabs will come off by themselves.

If they do not come off between the 8th and 10th day, you can gently rub in small circular movements until they come off and on the 10th day, there will be no scabs.

5. The tenth day after surgery: you can wash your hair normally. Since day tenth is considered that transplanted follicles are safe, but just in case you must not use a helmet and do not get into the pool until the 15th day or even better until the 30th day. Some patients can feel some itching due to healing on the scalp, you can take an antihistamine.

6. The third-fourth week after surgery: transplanted hair will fall out (Not the hair follicle), starting the rest phase and starting a new growth cycle, subsequently, hair will grow again on the 3rd or 4th month. You will see new hair growth.

7. The tenth-twelfth month after surgery: You will appreciate the final result of a hair transplant in Los Algodones. The only special care you must do is to protect it from the sun until the hair grows again.

Factors you have to consider after a transplanted hair with FUE technique

The hair shedding effect can appear between the second and the sixth week after surgery, which consists of the perception of the patient that it has less hair before surgery.

This perception is real because due to a hair transplant, maybe a hair loss on donor area.

If this happens you should not worry, it’s a normal process, hair will grow again.

Since third to the fourth week as we mentioned previously, on this desert phase all hair transplanted will fall as the same as shedding effect. You don’t have to worry because it’s part of the process.

In addition that hair transplant surgery improves the self-confidence and appearance of the patient. Transplant help to cover up a bald area with its own hair which does not need maintenance or any kind of special shampoo or chemicals, it is because transplanted hair it is like a regular hair and this process is enough with one visit to the doctor.

For better results, a high density of hairs must be inserted into the scalp, with the right angle and direction of the implanted hairs.

New hair growth will take time, you must be patient to start seeing some significant growth.

After the procedure of the transplant usually, patients start seeing results from three to eight months. However, each case is different and varies from person to person.

Hair Transplant in Los Algodones

FUE treatment requires a surgeon with higher skills because of the difficulty of the procedure.

Another thing that is very important in the procedure is the velocity of extraction, the sooner the extraction is finished, the sooner the implementation begins. Therefore, the follicular units will spend less time out of the scalp.

The surgeon needs to have a delicate treatment throughout the process. Since the extraction to the implementation phase.

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