How is the Circumcision Procedure for Adults?

Circumcision is the surgical procedure of removing the foreskin, which is the fold of skin that covers the head of your penis. Generally, the reasons for this procedure to be performed, are medical, religious, or even cultural, in any manner, before making any decision it is important for you to know more information about this surgery.

Although it is a simple process, that doesn’t require a night stay at the hospital, in the following article, we will explain everything about how the procedure is done, all you need to know about the recovery process and more information about adult circumcision clinics to perform the procedure.


The procedure

Adult circumcision is slightly more complex than infant circumcision, it can take from 30 minutes to 1 hour. During this procedure, an anesthesiologist will give you, local or general anesthesia based on your preferences.

At first, the doctor will retract the foreskin from the head of the penis to take the exact measurement of how much skin they need to remove. Then, the doctor using a scalpel or surgical scissors will cut the foreskin based on the measurements taken before. At last, the remaining edges will be stitched together using dissolvable stitches.

After the stitches are all in place and the penis is wrapped in protective bandages you’ll be headed back to the recovery area. After the surgery, it can take a couple of hours to regain total sensitivity on the penis area. Some painkillers or analgesics may be used to relieve the area.


Recovery Process.

In the next hours after the surgery is done, it is normal to experience some bruising or swelling around the penis area, but that should decrease gradually. It is important that the patient understand exactly what the doctor says and follow every care instruction.

 To reduce any risk of infection, it is important to keep the gauze around your penis as clean as possible. They need to be changed 24 hours after the surgery and removed 48 hours after. Once the bandage is removed you may shower as normal, just try not to swipe with any towel or washcloth that might hurt the incision and increase the risk of bleeding. Also, avoid using scented soap, shower gel, or shampoo near the area; the fragrance on it may irritate your skin.

After the second day of surgery, you should begin trying to walk more, avoid jumps, or any kind of strenuous activities. You can also wear comfortable and supportive underwear that holds the head of your penis towards your stomach. Try not to use fit underwear during the first weeks of the recovery as it can increase swelling and pain.

The recovery process for adult circumcision usually takes from 3 to 4 weeks to be fully completed. After this time frame, everything in the area should be fully functional and you will be able to make physical activity, however, you will have to wait up to six weeks to perform any sexual intercourse or masturbation.


What will your results be?

It can take up to six months to experience the total results of the procedure, however, each person’s result will vary based on the main reason you had the procedure.

Whether your reasons were medical, cultural, religious, or social, for most of the patients, getting circumcise has its own benefits like:


  • Prevention of penile problems: some of the conditions that can be treated with circumcision include: Phimosis, paraphimosis and balanitis.
  • Decrease risk of sexually transmitted infections. The World Health Organization reports that risk is 60% lower in people that are circumcised.
  • Easier hygiene: both circumcised and uncircumcised penis requires proper cleaning, however, on uncircumcised penis dead skin, natural oils and bacteria can be accumulate under the foreskin, causing different types of infection.
  • Decrease risk of urinal infections: based to some researches, people who are circumcised have lower risk of getting any urinal infection compared to people who are not.
  • Decrease risk of penile cancer: studies have shown that, even though cancer of the penis is not common, it has been less presented on circumcised men.


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