How Much is a Vasectomy in Mexico?

Why get a Vasectomy in Mexico?

There is a time where having a kid is no longer a necessity for couples or men themselves. For this, men decide to take on birth control in a permanent sense. 

Couples who are happy with their family and no longer want to keep the pack growing, many times are the men who take on the responsibility of complete birth control. Or other men who simply decide not to procreate. 

It may be a little controversial to talk about getting a vasectomy as a man, due to the many prejudices there are in society on masculinity. Remember, only a real man has control over their life decisions and body health.

How effective is a Vasectomy?

Jokes aside, this birth control method is very efficient, and it is quick. It is considered plastic surgery for birth control in men that will 100% prevent pregnancy, only after 3 months for semen to become sperm-free.

After a few months, the surgeon will perform a simple semen analysis to check for the presence of sperm. 

The patient will provide the sample at that time. 

Once the doctor has verified that there are no sperm in the sample, the doctor will confirm that the Vasectomy works 100% as a method of contraception.

Vasectomy is permanent that is why it is so effective.  You cannot forget to put it on or how to do it. Preventing pregnancy at all times for the rest of the patient's life.

Does a vasectomy prevent STD'S

You might think the answer is obvious, but the question "will a vasectomy protect me from sexually transmitted diseases" does come up. Even if your sperm is not carrying sperm anymore, the chances of carrying an STD (if you have any) are still high. We recommend the use of a condom to prevent the spread or contraction of an STD.

myths about vasectomy

Ten myths About getting a Vasectomy

Each person involved in this procedure wants to know what happened after it. The person who is going to go through it and even close ones. So let's clear up some myths about a Vasectomy. In other words, these are the things that are not going to happen after you get one.

Myth No. 1: "I stop ejaculating after vasectomy".

The fluid that comes out, semen is composed of fluids from three different organs: 

  • Testicular fluid (sperm) makes up 1% of the total volume of semen.
  • Seminal vesicle fluid. These are two small paired structures deep in the pelvis that ejaculate the sugar from the fluid component and keep the sperm healthy and alive so that it can do its job. 
  • In the prostate gland, when a vasectomy is performed, what doctors do is to cut only the small sperm tubes. In other words, they prevent the sperm from passing into the semen when ejaculating. This prevents pregnancy.

Myth No. 2: "I stop producing sperm after a vasectomy".

This is not true either.  What happens to your sperm is the same thing that will happen to you when a man does not ejaculate for days or months. The sperm simply involute, are reabsorbed by the body, and reproduce again in the future with the same components. In other words, nothing happens to the sperm. Vasectomy does not kill it or get rid of it.

Myth #3: "It's easier for my wife to get her tubes tied."

If you have the idea that birth control only has to be for women, you're wrong. Women have to undergo a much more invasive procedure to get their tubes tied or have any type of insert put in so they don't get pregnant. 

A vasectomy is a 10 to 15-minute procedure in which most of the time it is done with just a little local anesthetic, and you will be able to go back to your daily activities within a week. So this procedure on men is minimally invasive compared to a women's birth control treatment.

Myth #4: "Vasectomy causes cancer."

There have been cases where men go back to their doctors asking them to reverse their vasectomy because they are worried about prostate or testicular cancer. There is some misleading information about the topic. Hundreds and millions of men in the United States get a vasectomy sometime in their life, and there is no increase in any cancer risk information. 

This is a relative risk about which there is not enough information to support the theory, to be able to advise it. But, it is not significant enough to cause any alarm about undergoing this procedure.

And the last and most popular myth is the one that men are most concerned about.

Myth #5:" A vasectomy is going to get rid of my mojo!"

NO, you will not have less sex interest nor testosterone. Vasectomy itself has very little to do with testosterone production. Probably nothing! Testosterone is made in the testicles, BUT it is secreted through the bloodstream, which is not altered from a vasectomy. 

What it does do is liberate men from many unwanted responsibilities in most cases. No more worrying about another unwanted pregnancy, another college fund, or things you and your partner want to liberate from. Enjoying sex is improved in that matter.

So why get a Vasectomy in Mexico?

Medical care inside the United States is either not affordable for everyone or just unreasonably overpriced. 

Traveling to Mexico for medical health procedures is a great alternative for any kind of surgical treatment, simple or complex.

Medical tourism grows bigger each year. More people are beginning to travel abroad for many medical procedures. Mexico is the option for medical tourists living inside of the States due to the proximity of both countries.

Will the quality and results be as good as inside of the United States?

Yes! Always look up information about the place you are looking to visit before you attend for any kind of treatment. 

Baja Surgery Center is an ambulatory surgical clinic that offers treatments in same-day patient mode. Meaning that all procedures are done the same day you get to go back home.

Highly trained surgeons offer a variety of ambulatory procedures such as Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, General Surgery, Urologic Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology Surgery, among other treatments.

What is the price difference on a Vasectomy in Mexico?

Everything medical in Mexico is much more affordable and offers the same quality work and results. Mexico has the technology and the doctors with the same qualified experience as any other country.

At Baja Surgery Center, we offer high-quality procedures with exceptional results. As is an ambulatory clinic, treatments are even more attractive of prices. For example, a Vasectomy in Baja Surgery Center starts at only $1,000, and you are out the same day!

Compared to the prices ranged in the Unites States from $3,000 to $4,000.

If you are thinking about flying to Mexico for surgical treatment such as a Vasectomy. Contact via telephone or e-mail

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