Is Bichectomy right for me?

Bichectomy is the extraction of fat on the Bichat balls, the Bichat balls are anatomical fat structures that are found in the cheeks and may sometimes round up the facial features. With the extraction of Bichat Balls, it would be possible to accentuate the cheekbone and contour the face. But it´s not intended to rejuvenate the face.

Some of the benefits of having bichectomy surgery are:

  • Enhance the appearance of your face
  • More sculpted jawline and facial shape
  • Natural results with no visible scars 
  • Younger and slimmer appearance

How is Bichectomy performed?

The first step is to schedule a consultation appointment with our specialist to know if you are a good candidate for this procedure. At the consultation, the doctor will examine your medical history and facial structure. This is the perfect time to discuss the expectations and preferences you are looking for.

The surgical procedure is really simple. The complete surgery lasts between 30 to 50 minutes to be completed and depending on the size and position of the Bichat balls, the procedure can be performed under general or local anesthesia. 

The surgeon will only make a small intraoral incision to remove the excess fat. Sutures close the incisions inside your mouth. Typically, these sutures are absorbable, but each plastic surgeon performs the surgery differently. Be sure to avoid playing with the sutures with your tongue until cleared by your surgeon.

Am I a candidate for a Bichectomy? 

Bichectomy is usually performed on people who are trying to improve their look by a more defined face structure and cheekbones. It can be done on all types of bodies, however, it’s more commonly performed on people with round cheeks that even if they lose weight, their cheek still stays round, which causes them to look chubbier.

The ideal candidate for a buccal fat removal are patients that have a bulky facial look due to the volume of their cheeks, which wish to have more defined facial features. This procedure can be performed in patients over 18 years old. 

This procedure isn’t for everyone. It may not be recommended in the following scenarios:

  • Your face is narrow. If your face is naturally thin, the surgery might cause sunken cheeks as you age.
  • You have progressive hemifacial atrophy (Parry-Romberg syndrome). This rare disorder causes the skin on one side of the face to shrink. It’s known to affect the buccal fat pad.
  • You’re older. As we age, you naturally lose fat in your face. The procedure might emphasize jowls and other signs of facial aging, so it’s not that recommended for people older than 50.

Keep in mind that before making any decision, a consultation with our doctors is needed to evaluate your overall health and determine if you are the right candidate for this procedure. Schedule a consultation here.

Recovery step by step.

The first day after surgery, the cheek volume raises and there might be some pain in the area. After a couple of weeks, the inflammation will reduce gradually. During the healing process, it’s really important to keep good oral hygiene to avoid any kind of disease or infection. 

Most patients feel minimal discomfort and experience a nearly painless recovery time. Normal daily activities, like going to work can be resumed within the first few days after the procedure. Demanding physical activities must be limited during this time. One advantage of this procedure is that leaves no scarring due to being an inside the mouth incision.

The final results will be totally noticeable after three months, giving a definitive result, even if the patients gain weight.

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