Is It Safe to Get Plastic Surgery in Mexico?

Medical tourism has increased over the years, thousands of Americans across the border looking for different surgical procedures.

The reason why it's become a trend is not only because these procedures are affordable and there’s no need of medical insurance, but because the quality provided by the doctors is as high as the one offered in the United States.

You might be wondering, how is it possible to have successful surgery for an accessible price? The explanation is easy: tuition at universities in Mexico are not expensive compared to many of the ones located in the United States. Also, many of these are supported by the government, so when students finish their studies there’s no debt left to pay.

Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are some of Mexico’s most popular destinations where people can go to get different surgical procedures, but there’s a little disadvantage about these places: the distance.

Arriving at these destinations can increase the prices of your trip, plus, lodging and other extra expenses can turn your trip into a high-budget one. That doesn’t mean that you’ve run out of options, there are a lot of other places you can visit and get the exact high-quality procedures for less.

Los Algodones, for example, is a small town located on the border with the United States; it’s known as the Dental Capital of the World because of the high number of dental clinics there are, and the thousands of visitors it receives every year. Due to its sudden recognition, this city’s medical offer started to grow very fast.

So if you are still wondering if it is safe to get plastic surgery in Mexico, the answer is yes and we will tell you why.

Searching for a Reliable Surgeon

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is not easy, but there are some tips you can consider in order to find the option that suits you best and to ensure that you’ll be in the right hands:

  • Make a Deep Research

Websites are a great tool in which you can search for information about the procedure you’re interested in websites, read about the different clinics, treatments’ prices, and reviews from previews patients.

You can ask for references to your friends or relatives that have had previously a plastic surgery, through their opinion you’ll be able to make a more informed decision.

If it’s possible, visit the clinic you are interested in, get to know the doctors and the staff, or you can also ask for pictures and videos when you get in touch with your clinic of choice.

  • Certifications

When searching for the right clinic, do not forget to make sure that the doctors are Board Certified Plastic Surgeons or ask for their licenses and credentials.

Surgery is not something someone should take lightly, it’s very important to gather as much information possible in order to make an informed decision and trust the doctors and the clinic since the beginning.

  • Choose a Bilingual Doctor

Besides all the knowledge and experience the doctor must have, a bilingual doctor is necessary in order to communicate all your needs, desires, and to have an answer to each of your questions.

Communication is a key element in every medical procedure since it will build more confidence in the relationship with your surgeon.

Understanding post-operative care instructions are essential for your recovery, and in order to avoid complications of any kind is very important to follow the steps as recommended by an expert. This will lead you to a faster and better recovery.

Plastic Surgery in Los Algodones

As a border town, Los Algodones has Mexico’s most convenient location for patients of the United States and Canada. Plus, the local currency is U.S Dollars and there’s no need to spend on public transport or extra gas, everything is walking distance in town. Big money savings and safety is two of Los Algodones’ main advantages.

Like we mentioned previously, this town has gained recognition and thousands of people come back home feeling satisfied with their stay in town. Medical offer has grown bigger too, and nowadays, Baja Surgery Center is the newest ambulatory surgery facility providing not only surgical procedures but non-surgical procedures as well, such as Botox and dermal fillers.

Patients that have undergone treatment with us are as happy as we are every time we help them improve their health and appearance, Kathy Taylor from Tacoma, the USA recently wrote a very nice review about her past experience with Baja Surgery Center.

Thanks to her words, other people will know that it is possible to have an extraordinary procedure for an affordable price. Check her review out!

"Years ago I had a nose surgery and I was never happy with it... Finally I decided that I had to do something and through the web I found Baja Surgery Center. I'm still a little swollen from the surgery, it's only been 10 days, but I can tell the results were exactly what I was looking for. The clinic is very clean and the doctors and staff are very friendly and thorough. I'm very happy about my decision"

Baja Surgery Center is equipped with high-quality technology and the best-qualified doctors. We invite you to visit our website to know more about us, or read more information about our treatments, prices, reviews and our doctor's information.

Also, you can reach us by calling our team of patient coordinators, they will gladly answer all of your questions and provide you with the information you need.

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