What to expect from Breast Augmentation Recovery Stages

An augmentation mammoplasty, commonly known as breast augmentation surgery, has been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed over the last years in Mexico. People who have had this surgery have reported much higher levels of self-confidence and they’ve been completely satisfied with the results.

This cosmetic procedure is used to increase breast size and correct the asymmetry of breasts by placing any type of breast implant, silicone, or saline.

While breast augmentation in Mexico can definitely be your option if you are looking to enhance your physical appearance, learning some post-surgery care can help you have a better perspective on the procedure and can prepare you for the life-changing experience of breast implant surgery.

Post-operative recovery stages.

Week 1 

A few hours after the surgery when you wake up and the general anesthesia has passed you are able to go home to finish your recovery process, but you’ll need someone to drive you.

Before leaving the clinic, the cosmetic surgeon will wrap your breasts with a bra or elastic band to protect and give extra support. You will also be provided with a list of instructions on how to care for your incision sites.

During the first week after surgery, you might feel some pain or discomfort, however, the surgeon will prescribe medication to decrease the symptoms. You also might have minor bleeding at the incision sites, which is completely normal, but if you notice more intense bleeding you can always talk to the surgeon.

Week 2 - 3

After the first week of surgery, you will be able to slowly return to light exercises and normal daily routine, like returning to work*. By this point, the discomfort or pain should be minimal. There may be times where you still experience a little soreness or discomfort, especially when you slowly integrating upper body exercises and move back into your routine, but it should not hinder you from completing your daily tasks

*Patients with labor-intensive jobs are recommended to remain out of work for at least three weeks.

Full recovery

Each body is different and that’s why the full recovery time will vary, however, most of the patients are able to resume their regular activities after 2 months of the surgery. Also, by this time your breast should look and feel more natural.

It’s crucial to follow the doctor’s instructions to avoid any type of problem or infection during your recovery process. 

Tips for a healthy recovery. 

A successful breast augmentation recovery depends on how well you are taking care of yourself, during this process we recommend you to:

  • Wear recovery bras. Based on your doctor’s instructions wear a recovery bra to provide support and manage pain and swelling.
  • Care for your incisions. Depending on the surgeon and on your surgeon’s preference, you may have to wear a bandage or apply ointment. Always follow the directions during the recovery process.
  • Take your medication. During the first week, pain medication will help you feel more comfortable. If your doctor prescribed antibiotics, take the entire course.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Loose-fitting, breathable clothes will help you feel more comfortable during your recovery.
  • Avoid intense activity. Strenuous movement, like sports, can delay the healing process.
  • Change your food habits. A healthy diet will help your body recover. Consume lots of lean protein, fruits, and vegetables.

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Mexico

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