Why FUE Technique is the Best Hair Transplant Method

Many people think our appearance is an aspect that influences our daily lives. There are different points of views of wether looks are important or not. Many say looks are just vanity, but one thing for sure is that "looks" influence they way we feel about ourselves and sometimes affects our confidence in many aspects.

From long silky hair, to short but curly. There are thousands of hair styles in the world. One style that is not very popular among adults and even some young people, is having partial bald spots or uneven hairlines.

Hair transplant with FUE Technique

What is a FUE transplant?

A Follicular Unit Extraction is a technique in where individual hair follicles are taken out of your skin and implanted elsewhere in the body. This makes the hair in the new area grow thicker.

The (FUE) technique was meant to replace the original FUT procedure "Follicular Unit Transplantation" in which an entire piece of skin or scalp with the follicles was taken to be transplanted on another target area.

The FUE procedure has become very popular, due to the great benefits and advantages it has compared to the original FUT technique. The new surgical procedure is less likely to have a "hair plug" look, where areas of the skin or hair do not match the surrounding areas on which it is placed over and there is no scaring afterwards.

What makes the FUE technique better?

This hair restoration surgery is also an ambulatory procedure, just like many other surgical procedures offered in Baja surgery Center.

The follicular unit extraction (FUE) is done mostly under 2 to 4 hour sessions on the course of several days. Due to the short amount of time each session takes, it is not a time consuming process that will have a great effect on your daily routine.

Results are visible after 5 months, significant hair growth is appreciated after this period of time in mosts patients. The complete results will be visible after a year of the procedure.

What is the cost?

Apart from being an out patient procedure, the cost is very attractive in Baja Surgery Center. Each follicle is $2 USD and the consultation with the doctor is only $80 USD. Making it very affordable for patients looking to regain their looks and confidence.

Another factor that has to do a lot with the final cost is the amount of hair is being transplanted. Still, for many it is a very affordable-quality surgical procedure.

Areas that can be treated with the FUE treatment

Though hairs transplants are very common to be done only on the scalp area of a person. This technique can also benefit other areas of the body if the patient requires it. For example, it can be done on arms, legs, and even genital area. It all depends on what the patient wants.

Process of the Fue treatment

After a diagnosis and the surgeon approving you are a candidate you can choose a day to start your treatment. Sometimes even on the same day!

1) The area where the follicles will be extracted is shaved as well as the area of transplant.

2) With the use of a micropunch tool, the follicles are removed to be transplanted to the target area.

3) The surgeon Makes a series of tiny incisions with a needle to open the areas where the follicles previously extracted will nube inserted.

4) After the follicles are inserted the area is cleaned and bandaged for recovery.

Every patient is a different world. So this process previously described may vary for each person, but it is a general description of how the procedure works. Some people may heal the incisions quicker than others, but with the right care, recovery is easy and clean.

Is it safe and what about the recovery?

Being a non invasive surgery the complications during the process are very rare. Like mentioned before, this type of hair transplant technique leaves no scar other than tiny white dots where the follicles were extracted. Which fade away over time.

If you start to notice any type of anomaly after the transplant, contact the surgeon immediately. Side effects may vary from:

  • Infection symtoms
  • Drainage or crust on treated area
  • Pain, irritation or swelling in treated area
  • Bleeding form the surgery site
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Baldness or thinning continues

Any one of these or other abnormal circumstances you notice after the surgery has to be attended immediately.

Besides this, the recovery should be quite quick. Swelling and some discomfort may be present for 3 days post surgery. Some hairs may fall out during the recovery process which is totally normal.

Where is the best place to get a FUE hair transplant?

Mexico's gaining big popularity all around the world for its capacity to treat hundreds of medical procedures. From aesthetics, dental, and surgical treatments offered by professionals in high standard locations. Many if not all, offered at very reasonable prices to the general public.

Baja Surgery Center is proud to be one of the top choices for many medical tourists seeking great options at atractive prices. With us you will find various medical procedures to improve your life style, health and with it all, your confidence.

Write to us for more information about any specific treatment.

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