Surgery in Mexico: Your guide to the best prices

Mexico has proven to be one of the best destinations chosen by medical tourists. Not only are you able to receive the best medical attention with experienced doctors and surgeons, but also, you can find the best prices. Thanks to its proximity, many people from the United States and Canada take adv...

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Plastic Surgery in Los Algodones

In the last decades, Los Algodones has gained popularity thanks to the wide variety of dental services it offers. With more than 300 dental clinics in town, every day, people all over the United States and Canada travel to this small and colorful Mexican town. Over the years, this practice became m...

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Is It Safe to Get Plastic Surgery in Mexico?

Medical tourism has increased over the years, thousands of Americans across the border looking for different surgical procedures. The reason why it's become a trend is not only because these procedures are affordable and there’s no need of medical insurance, but because the quality provided b...

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5 Non Surgery Procedures in Mexico

Would you like to improve your physical appearance but are too afraid to go through a surgical procedure? Thanks to medical advances, you can get several treatments that can make you look younger without going into surgery. Aesthetic medicine can improve your appearance by removing imperfections an...

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Hair Transplant In Los Algodones: The Solution For Hair Loss

Did you know that by the age of fifty approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair? If you start seeing bald patches or lots of thinning and that’s making you feel insecure and uncomfortable you don’t need to worry anymore. A hair transplant can be the solution to your hair...

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Boob Job or Breast Lift: Which One Should You Get?

Women regularly get breast implants to make their breasts bigger and fuller, but what if a breast lift is better for you? The following blog post might help you identify what´s a better fit for you. First things first here´s a breakdown of each one. Most commonly known as a boob...

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Baja Surgery Center: The New Medical Facility in Los Algodones.

Los Algodones, Mexico is worldwide known as Molar City, due to the quality and quantity of dental treatments done per year to visitors from all over the world. Sani Medical Tourism, with more than 30 years of experience in the medical tourism field is now expanding to offer the most complete medica...

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5 Advantages of Same-Day Surgery

Lately, men and women are being equally interested in improving their appearance or fixing any physical issue through surgery. Many people think that this kind of procedures might take a long time, whether we talk about surgery or the healing process and that is why they have many doubts and can&rs...

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