Surgery in Mexico: Your guide to the best prices

Surgery in Mexico: Your guide to the best prices

Mexico has proven to be one of the best destinations chosen by medical tourists. Not only are you able to receive the best medical attention with experienced doctors and surgeons, but also, you can find the best prices.

Thanks to its proximity, many people from the United States and Canada take advantage of and travel to cities near the border to get high-quality treatments by saving huge amounts of money.

Baja Surgery Center has recently gained popularity as one of the best clinics with the best prices to improve your image with surgery and non-surgery treatments in Mexico and it is located at Los Algodones, a town just 5 minutes away from Yuma, Arizona.

If you are wondering how affordable treatments in Mexico can be, we´ve created a guide with the best surgeries prices you will be able to find and have the chance to compare with your local medical clinic. Get ready to be surprised!

Surgery in Mexico

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

With plastic and reconstructive cosmetic surgery you will be able to correct and improve certain parts of your body. If you are interested in getting a surgery that can help you look younger and better, this first chart will be of great help!

 Procedures Price in the US  Prices in Mexico
 Rhinoplasty       $5050      $3000
Bichectomy        $4500      $1000
Face lifting        $7050      $3500
 Breast Implants       $4800      $3500
 Breast Lifting      $3700      $3200
 Liposuction      $3000      $2500

General Surgery

This specialty mainly focuses on abdominal contents such as esophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon, liver, pancreas, gallbladder and bile ducts. In case you need to improve your health with one of these surgeries, take a look at this chart.

Procedures  Price in the US  Prices in Mexico 
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy        $7050       $2800
Hemorrhoidectomy       $4000       $2000
Inguinal Hernia       $5200       $3000
Umbilical Hernia       $5100       $1500

Urologic Surgery

With this type of surgery, you can be able to treat pathologies affecting your urinary tract, kidney glands, retroperitoneum of men and women, and the male reproductive system.

Procedures  Price in the US  Prices in Mexico 
Circumcision        $2800         $800
Vasectomy        $1200         $1000
Varicocelectomy        $5000         $4000

Otorhinolaryngology Surgery

With this kind of treatments you could be able to correct conditions involving the ear, nose, throat, and related structures of the head and neck. Get them in Mexico for more than 50% less!

Procedures  Prices in the US  Prices in Mexico 
Septoplasty         $5000         $1700 
Tonsillectomy         $4500         $1500 
Rhinoplasty         $5050         $3000
Bichectomy        $4500         $1000

Orthopedic Surgery

It involves all conditions from the musculoskeletal system and help yourself to improve your health and feel better.

Procedures  Prices in the US  Prices in Mexico 
Carpal Tunnel Release          $2500            $1800
Reconstruction of Achilles          $4900          $2400
Elbow Arthroscopy           $4500          $3500
Knee Arthroscopy         $4500          $3500
Meniscoplasty         $8970          $3500
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction          $9590          $4500
Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction         $13300          $3500
Ankle Arthroscopy         $6900          $3500
Ligament Reconstruction         $9200          $2500
Hallux Valgus surgery         $7000          $3500

If you are looking for the best clinic that can help you with any of this treatments and that also have the best prices, let me tell you that Baja Surgery Center offers all of these procedures! We hope that this guide of surgery prices in Mexico was helpful before traveling for medical treatment or making an appointment.

Get ready to improve your image and start feeling amazing with the help of ourdoctors and specialists.
Call us now for more information, our team of patient coordinators is ready to help you. Make your appointment today and start enjoying the health state you´ve always wanted at the best surgery center in Los Algodones.

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