Inguinal Hernia (Laparoscopic)

Inguinal hernia repair is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures worldwide. An inguinal hernia occurs when tissue pushes through a weak spot in a groin muscle, which causes a bulge that causes pain or burns in the area.

The Surgery

You will receive general anesthesia for this procedure. Your stomach will be inflated with a harmless gas to give your surgeon a better look. Small incisions will be made near the hernia and the laparoscope will be inserted. This tube will have a small camera in which your surgeon will look inside your body to repair the hernia.

Recovery Process

For laparoscopic surgery patients, the recovery process turns out to be faster going back to their normal routine a week before than the patients who had open surgery.

Final Results

This procedure is very effective. It will help the patient to eliminate the pain completely. When people undergo a hernia procedure, the possibility of a hernia growing back it’s very rare.

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