Elbow Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that allows a surgeon to look inside a joint. Arthritis, loose bodies in the joint, stiffness or fractures are a few of the reasons why people may need this surgery.

The procedure:

The procedure is performed under general or regional anesthesia. The surgeon needs to fill the elbow joint with fluid, this will help him to see more clearly the elbow structures through the camera on the arthroscope. Your surgeon will make several small incisions to introduce the arthroscope and small instruments into the joint. Later, he will evaluate the joint before beginning any specific treatments.

Once the problem is clearly identified, the surgeon will insert other small instruments through separate incisions to repair it. The arthroscopy incisions are usually stitched or covered with skin tapes at the end of the surgery.

Recovery process:

Once the procedure is done, the patient may be placed into an elbow splint, but the amount of time in the splint will vary depending on what was performed at the time of surgery. Certain conditions require that you begin therapy right away, and others may not require it at all.

Final Results:

If the patient has a desk job, he or she will probably be able to return to work or normal routine in a few days, with proper care and without lifting heavy things.

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