Nasal Polyp Surgery

Nasal Polyps, are little growths located inside your nose that occur sometimes, avoiding you from breathing normally and causing at times chronic sinusitis. The procedures to fix this growths date from thousands of years ago, since the Egyptians and Indians removed them with success. Even though the surgery is really old, the procedures is now safer and with much less recovery time and significantly less pain.

The Process

In the procedure, the surgeon will widen the openings of the sinuses to insert a small endoscope, which is a small tube with a lens or a little camera, into the nostrils up to the sinus cavities, and then will use some instruments to remove polyps and obstructions on the nose that complicate breathing.

Recovery Process

This procedure is usually not very painful and does not end in external bruising. But you may feel congested / tired for a few hours after the surgery. In which you may use a corticosteroid spray to prevent the recurrence of nasal polyps. Your doctor may recommend the use of other products to help the nose recover.

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