A “Nose job”, is a word that we hear often when talking about cosmetic surgeries, this is a common name to refer to Rhinoplasty, which is a surgical procedure on the nose to change its form or improve its function. When used for cosmetic purposes it can change the size of the nose making it larger or smaller, change its shape and angle of the nose in relation to the mouth, can also modify the tip of the nose or correct bumps and other defects. And when used to correct its function, may correct structural problems that cause chronic congestion and/or breathing problems, birth or congenital defects, deviated nasal septum or even a failed primary rhinoplasty.

The Process

The doctor will make incisions from inside the nose to access the bones and cartilage that support it. This is done using general or local anesthesia. Depending on the result the patient needs, parts of the bones or cartilage may be removed or other parts may be added to the nose. After this process is done, the skin and tissue gets back to its place and a splint is positioned for support.

Recovery Process

A splint and bandages can be placed inside and outside the nose to support and protect the new. Swelling may be present on the first few weeks. It may take up to a year to get the final results, but during this time it will gradually evolve, making it possible for the patient to see how it develops.

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