A tonsillectomy is a surgical process of removing the tonsils, which are those two glands located on each side at the back of your throat. The main function of these glands is to protect the body from getting any infection, by being the first immune response to viruses and bacteria, but in some cases, they can also get infected, and when this happens too often it is one of the reasons they are removed.

The Process

The procedure is an outpatient surgery, which means it does not require a night stay at the clinic. It is usually done under general anesthesia so you don't feel anything during the 30 minutes the surgery lasts. The surgeon will start the process by introducing a small tool on your mouth to keep it open, then proceeds to cut out the tonsils with a scalpel or to cauterize them using a heat surgical tool that will also remove the tissues to stop bleeding. After surgery, you will stay at the clinic until you are fully awake and are able to swallow and breathe easily.

Recovery Process

Full recovery might take up to two weeks, during the first one is completely normal to get a sore throat or feel pain on your neck and ears for a couple days. Take your medication as advised by your doctor to avoid feeling any pain, you may resume your regular activities in about two weeks.

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