The eye bags and the upper part of the eyelids show the pass of years and can easily be modified with an eye surgery also known as Blepharoplasty. This plastic surgery is an easy procedure that extracts the excess of fat around the eyelids and may help the patient look younger and fresh.

The Procedure

It is usually done under local anesthesia, along with oral sedatives. The surgery takes around one to three hours and is a simple procedure, in which the doctor makes little incisions that follow the natural lines of the eyelids that can extend up to the crow´s feet. Working on these lines the surgeon will separate the lines from the adipose tissue and the muscle, extracting the fat from the area, and close the incisions with fine sutures.

Recovery Process.

Pain and tension may be present as soon as the anesthesia passes but the doctor should prescribe medication to fight it.

Final Results.

It should be possible to read or watch TV in about 4 days, and you can be back to work in approximately one week, using sunglasses.

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