Breast Implants

This cosmetic procedure is normally used to increase and correct the asymmetry of breasts by placing silicone or saline implants in order to create a more aesthetically and proportioned look. This surgery can help you to improve your self-confidence by achieving the ideal size and shape of your breasts.

The Surgery

Surgery can be done using general or local anesthesia. The surgery starts with one of these three incisions: inframammary, axillary or periareolar. Your breasts tissue will be separated from the muscle to create a pocket either in front or behind the pectoral muscle, where the implant will be placed and be centered behind your nipple.

Saline implants are inserted empty and posteriorly filled with sterile salt water once they are correctly positioned while silicone implants are pre-filled with silicone gel before being inserted.

Recovery Process

The patient will be advised to wear a girdle after the surgery. A little discomfort may exist during the first 72 hours that can be eased with prescribed medication. After the first week, most patients are able to go back to their normal routines avoiding strenuous activities.

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