Mini Liposuction

Mini liposuction or lunchtime lipo is the procedure that proves these kinds of procedures are not just for overweight people or people who have large areas of fat to remove. This has the name of “mini” because it is for small areas, of targeted fat that the patient was not able to lose with exercise or that just decided to remove because it is the only section in their body with extra fat.

The areas where this surgery can be performed are really specific is not like traditional liposuction, as is done under local anesthesia, and can be executed in the chin, bra rolls, knees, elbows, etc.

The procedure:

This is a mini-invasive surgery performed with local anesthesia, a small needle is placed in the area and the surgeon will start removing the excess of fat with a cannula. With the procedure finished some bandages will be placed on the operated areas.

Recovery Process:

Mini liposuction is also known as “lunchtime lipo” because it is done in one short visit, and it doesn´t require a long time of recovery. Most of the patients are able to resume their daily activities the following day after the surgery, and you will be encouraged to exercise, instead of avoiding it, contrary to most of the surgeries.

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