Liposuction Three Areas

The arms are one of the areas genetically predisposed to store fat deposits.

In addition, the upper arms are often difficult to get rid of these fat deposits, even with exercise and a relatively healthy diet.

Some people struggle more with this area than others due to genetics, age, and gender.

Similarly, the thighs and knees are difficult areas to slim down by eating right or exercising.

People who suffer from localized fat deposits on the inner thighs, outer thighs, or knees can benefit from this procedure.

The Procedure

This procedure begins with the administration of a local anesthetic in the treatment areas, making them numb, but the patient is awake.

The surgeon then makes small incisions to pass the cannula and aspirate the fat.

Recovery Process

The incisions that are commonly made are small.

Compression garments will be given to wear around the treated areas for a set time, up to three weeks.

Final Results

A very little downtime is required after the procedure. Patients are encouraged to walk to help speed healing.

Results are visible within a few weeks, and final results a few months later.


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