Circumcision is the surgical procedure of removing the foreskin, which is the fold of skin that covers the head of your penis. Generally is done because the foreskin can no longer retract, as it's too tight, this condition is known as phimosis.

It is a really simple process that can be done in about an hour and it is an outpatient surgery, it does not require a night stay at the hospital.

The procedure

The procedure consists of a simple surgery in which the foreskin is removed using a scalpel or surgical scissors. The remaining edges will be stitched together using dissolvable stitches, they may take up to a week to completely disappear. Usually, bandages are placed around the penis to protect it, they need to be changed 24 hours after the surgery and removed 48 hours after.

Recovery Process

After the surgery, it can take a couple hours to regain total sensitivity on the penis area. Some painkillers or analgesics may be used to relieve the area.

Final Results

Six weeks is the time that you should stay without any sexual activity, and it can take up to six months to see the final results, even though after the first month everything in the area should be fully functional and you can perform physical activity after that time.

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